Scale Rule Book

Scale Rule Book

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The SAMAA Scale Rules consist of a logical system of three classes based on the International FAI Scale Rules, which are structured in such a manner that the novice scale modeler may progress from one level to the next by developing his building and finishing skills whilst perfecting his flying skills during this progression.  The flying section of all three classes is exactly the same as the FAI Rules in order to make transition from one class to the next as painless as possible on the flying side.

The entry level class is Sport Scale which is a flying only class.

The next level of scale competition is  F4H Stand-off-Scale which gained World Championship Status a few years ago.  The class consists of a Static and Flying section, where the static criteria are less severe than in F4C and the weighting of static to flying is more in favour of the flying section.

The highest level of scale competition is the World Championship class  F4C with more stringent static criteria and a weighting of static to flying of 1:1 in the scoring system.

In order to make entry into scale competition as painless as possible and also keep pilots used to flying under competition conditions, NASA has developed the Series Scale concept which consists of a series of three bi-monthly flying -only contests per year which are held on a provincial basis, culminating in the Scale Masters which is a national event.

Note that the 2022 Scale Rule Book will remain in force until the next Scale Rule Book is published.